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I was recently invited by a fellow photographer to join her on a photo shoot she had planned with a couple of friends. It is not often I get to do an outside winter session, so I jumped at the chance! I have to commend this beautiful lady for modeling for us in a sleeveless dress in the middle of winter, she even braved laying down in the snow! BRRR!!! She may have not been a professional model but the camera sure loved her. I think she has a future in modeling though, don’t you agree!?!

One thing I love about photographing with other photographers is that you get totally different perspectives, even though both are shooting the same subject. Whether it is using different techniques, equipment, or artistic visions the end product becomes something that represents the artists’ style. You get to see through the photographer’s eye as they capture and compose each image to tell a story.

Here are a few of my images… enjoy!

Model: Shannon Volltrauer
Makeup: Marquitta Woods
Design: Jleeann Art & Photography

BeautySession01 BeautySession02 BeautySession03 BeautySession04 BeautySession05 BeautySession06 BeautySession07 BeautySession08 BeautySession09 BeautySession10 BeautySession11 BeautySession12 BeautySession13 BeautySession14 BeautySession15 BeautySession16 BeautySession17 BeautySession18 BeautySession19 BeautySession20


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