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It is never too late to get pictures done of your baby, even if they’re past newborn stage! Although it is easiest to get posed portraits when they are newborns within the first ten days of their life, it still can be done.┬áThe important thing is that you are capturing your children at different stages of their lives. This cutie is 6 weeks old and was accompanied by his big brother! He is going to make such a great big brother. Helping mom with feeding and the confidence he has when holding his baby brother was fun to watch, it put a smile on my face!

I love doing a basket prop with older babies as it gives it a newborn feel while keeping it clean and classic. They are snug and comfy and less likely to wake up during their session.

SiblingNewborn01 SiblingNewborn02 SiblingNewborn03 SiblingNewborn04 SiblingNewborn05 SiblingNewborn06 SiblingNewborn07 SiblingNewborn08 SiblingNewborn09


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