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I can’t say that before doing macro photography I would have thought to take pictures of bugs and to see them as beautiful. But ever since getting my macro lens I have fallen in love with this new world perspective. It has really allowed me to see things in such detail and appreciate nature’s natural beauty to the fullest. One of the best things about macro photography is that your options are endless of the things around you to take pictures of. Even the little details, such as the fabrics in your own home can be quite fascinating and beautiful.

Just recently I came across a macro photo challenge at www.rocktheshotforum.com and thought it would be fun to participate. I chose to submit this image below, as I love the way this bee is looking right at me as he is busy working. I love the contract of the softness and simplicity this picture has, yet such fine details of the hair on the legs and pollen collected in the bee’s fur.

I challenge you all to take pictures with a new perspective and find beauty in all that’s around you. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.

A quick follow up on how my photo did in the contest challenge, I won 2nd place! QUITE EXCITING!





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