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Busy Bee | MN Nature Photographer

I can’t say that before doing macro photography I would have thought to take pictures of bugs and to see them as beautiful. But ever since getting my macro lens I have fallen in love […]


Nature’s Art | MN Macro Photography

I enjoyed a special day at the Clemens Garden in St. Cloud with my mom and daughter. I am helping my mom with adding some art on her walls. So what better place to look […]


Dandelion | Minnesota Macro Photography

There is some magical about macro photography! I love how it brings you into a whole new world of perspectives. Allowing you to see things you that you normally wouldn’t have noticed or other wise […]


MN Clickin Moms Meetup | Minnesota Photographer

Well I am a little behind on my blogging, so I apologize for that! I am so grateful to be apart of an amazing group called Clickin Moms with some amazing women that share the […]


Attack of the army worms | Macro Photography

So I was up at the lake over Memorial Day weekend to find an invasion of army worms… they were every where!!! Although it gave me the creeps, I have to say they are quite […]


Bloom | Minnesota Fine Art Photography

Is it spring yet? Well it sure has been feeling like it! This has been the mildest winter I’ve ever experienced in Minnesota. I’m loving every bit of it. My house plant started blooming it’s […]


Winter Wonderland | Minnesota Photographer

I woke up Saturday morning to a winter wonderland without snow! There was a blanket of thick frost covering everything, and what a beautiful magical display it was. I didn’t have time to go out […]


Life Is Colorful | Minnesota Photographer

Life is colorful and my daughter has a personality to match it! As most of you know I love details and capturing emotion. I always find it fun to look at things in a different […]