ClickinWalk 2012 | MN Photographer

Every year the Clickin Moms host a walk within multiple locations around the world, where photographer’s meet up within their local location to walk around and take pictures. This year the MN location was in Stillwater, a beautiful historic town just off the St. Croix River. It was a perfect sunny fall day as we explored the town, chatted with one another and took lots and lots of pictures. This was my second ClickinWalk that I attended and I have to say although it is fun to walk around taking pictures, I really enjoy getting to meet other photographers! Talking with them and sharing our passion for photography and our lives in general. We all come from different backgrounds, places and levels of photography skills, but we share the passion for the art and creativity of photography, with all (if not most) of us being moms.

The part I look forward to is when everyone shares their pictures they took. There could be 30 pictures of the same subject but all are so very unique! Whether it is an artistic, creative style or just a perspective of how they captured that same image. And it is fun to see what catches everyone’s eye as there were so many things captured as if we were all in different locations. There is so much shared knowledge and encouragement within this photography group and it just makes it that much more enjoyable when you actually get to meet and connect with them in person.


Here are a few of the images I took on the ClickinWalk. (click on the images below to view them larger)

IMG_2461-copy copy.jpgIMG_2443-copy copy.jpgIMG_2477-copy copy.jpgIMG_2497-copy copy.jpgIMG_2374-copy copy.jpgIMG_2393-copy copy.jpgIMG_2394-copy copy.jpgIMG_2398-copy copy.jpgIMG_2384-copy copy.jpgIMG_2433-copy copy.jpgIMG_2547-copy copy.jpgIMG_2401-copy copy.jpgIMG_2553-copy copy.jpgIMG_2557-copy copy.jpgIMG_2563-copy copy.jpgIMG_2567-copy copy.jpgIMG_2600-copy copy.jpgIMG_2602-copy copy.jpg

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