Fall Family Portraits | Zimmerman MN Family Photographer

Family portraits are suppose to be fun and stress free, right!?! I sure hope so, but as parents I think it is easy to get stressed out in how our children are behaving and doing what we expect them to do to get that perfect picture, I too stress when taking my own children’s pictures! But I find that most times the perfect pictures aren’t always the ones we have in mind! It always makes for a fun session to let your children be themselves, it’s also a great way for me to capture their personalities. Sure it may not be a picture where everyone is looking at the camera and giving their perfect beautiful smile, but it makes wonderful memories of who they are in this stage of their lives! So if they don’t follow instructions and start goofing around, just know that I am still capturing that perfect picture for you that will put a smile on your face overtime you look at it.

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