Fall Fun | Ramsey MN Children Photographer

I have been photographing these adorable child over the last year since little Miss L was a newborn, it has been such a joy ¬†watching them grow! Although they look quite a bit a like, she is much more shier than her brother. It took a little while for her to warm up to me but in the end she let go of mommy and enjoyed playing in the leaves with her brother, I even got some beautiful smiles directed towards me. It was an extra special session as we did this photo shoot on their great grandma’s farm in Champlin which recently passed away, what a great way to preserve her memory!

childphotographer01 childphotographer02 childphotographer03 childphotographer04 childphotographer05 childphotographer06 childphotographer07 childphotographer08 childphotographer09 childphotographer10 childphotographer11 childphotographer12 childphotographer13


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