Gypsy Soirée 2 | Big Lake Event Photography

I am honored to have been apart of such an amazing fundraiser event called the Gypsy Soirée. This is their second annual fundraiser event in support of Project Secure ~ a program run through Head Start which services all Minneapolis shelters – Project for Pride, Mary’s Place, and the Drake are the main three. Not only was there great entertainment, fun festive guest and yummy food, but such an awesome purpose! Fire dancing performers from Insphyre Performance, Connie Crocker taught everyone how to belly dance, massage therapists Carol Etzel and Sara Peterson and Reiki master Karlene Plante were all apart of the fun at this years event!

The guests generously brought lots of donations and food to share. Some of the items needed for people living in poverty and in a homeless shelter are very specific. They need personal care items that are not eligible to be bought with food stamps; items like tampons, panty liners, shampoo, baby powder, diapers, baby ointment, teething gel, teething toys, band aids, Kleenex, real Q-tips. These are also people that have to use a laundromat to do any of their washing, so soap and quarters are really important. Underwear that is new for every size person is always needed. Fresh white socks! Things for mothers that they can’t afford to buy for themselves, like personal accessories, ponytail holders, scarves, earrings, a wallet, a backpack, or youth oriented sweet perfumes. Toys that kids can carry in their hands – Barbies with clothes, toy trucks, soft animals that are small (think of all those nice Beanie Babies that you see for a quarter at garage sales!). Birthday party supplies are so appreciated (can you imagine not being able to give your child even a small birthday celebration?). By the end of the night their were a stock pile of donated items!

This is a large picture share, but only a glimpse of what a magical and fun evening it really was! Thanks Valarie Holm for putting on such an amazing fundraiser event and inviting me to be a part of something special!

GypsySoireeII-01 GypsySoireeII-02 GypsySoireeII-03 GypsySoireeII-04 GypsySoireeII-05 GypsySoireeII-06 GypsySoireeII-07 GypsySoireeII-08 GypsySoireeII-09 GypsySoireeII-10 GypsySoireeII-11 GypsySoireeII-12 GypsySoireeII-13 GypsySoireeII-14 GypsySoireeII-15 GypsySoireeII-16 GypsySoireeII-17 GypsySoireeII-18 GypsySoireeII-19 GypsySoireeII-20 GypsySoireeII-21 GypsySoireeII-22 GypsySoireeII-23 GypsySoireeII-24 GypsySoireeII-25 GypsySoireeII-26 GypsySoireeII-27 GypsySoireeII-28 GypsySoireeII-29 GypsySoireeII-30 GypsySoireeII-31 GypsySoireeII-32 GypsySoireeII-33 GypsySoireeII-34 GypsySoireeII-35 GypsySoireeII-36 GypsySoireeII-37 GypsySoireeII-38 GypsySoireeII-39 GypsySoireeII-40 GypsySoireeII-41 GypsySoireeII-42 GypsySoireeII-43 GypsySoireeII-44 GypsySoireeII-45


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