Gypsy Soiree 3 | Big Lake MN Event & Fundraiser Photography

Another successful Gypsy Soiree fundraiser! It was a honor to be asked to join in on the festivities again this year. Lots of fun entertainment again with belly and fire dancers, hair and makeup, jewelry making, massages, henna tattoos and so much more! Besides taking pictures of the event I set up a photo-booth in front of the gypsy vardo to add to the fun (you can see the images below).

I always love what Valarie does with the set up. She goes to great lengths in making sure this fundraiser is successful, fun and beautiful. I can’t even imagine how long it takes her to create (and clean up) such a beautiful environment, she truly makes it feel as if you are in another world. It is asked that guest bring donations which are then given to the Project Elf organization to help the homeless. Anything from money to needed supplies are accepted. You can read more about how the Gypsy Soiree started on their blog.

gypsysoiree3-01 gypsysoiree3-02 gypsysoiree3-03 gypsysoiree3-04 gypsysoiree3-05 gypsysoiree3-06 gypsysoiree3-07 gypsysoiree3-08 gypsysoiree3-09 gypsysoiree3-10 gypsysoiree3-11 gypsysoiree3-12 gypsysoiree3-13 gypsysoiree3-14 gypsysoiree3-15 gypsysoiree3-16 gypsysoiree3-17 gypsysoiree3-18 gypsysoiree3-19 gypsysoiree3-20 gypsysoiree3-21 gypsysoiree3-22 gypsysoiree3-23 gypsysoiree3-24 gypsysoiree3-25 gypsysoiree3-26 gypsysoiree3-27 gypsysoiree3-57 gypsysoiree3-28 gypsysoiree3-29 gypsysoiree3-30 gypsysoiree3-31 gypsysoiree3-32 gypsysoiree3-33 gypsysoiree3-34 gypsysoiree3-35 gypsysoiree3-36 gypsysoiree3-37 gypsysoiree3-38 gypsysoiree3-39 gypsysoiree3-40 gypsysoiree3-41 gypsysoiree3-42 gypsysoiree3-43 gypsysoiree3-44 gypsysoiree3-45 gypsysoiree3-46 gypsysoiree3-47 gypsysoiree3-48 gypsysoiree3-49 gypsysoiree3-50 gypsysoiree3-51 gypsysoiree3-52 gypsysoiree3-53 gypsysoiree3-54 gypsysoiree3-55 gypsysoiree3-56
Below are the pictures from the photobooth set up in front of the gypsy vardo. Click on the thumbnail image to view larger. Thank you to all who participated!

IMG_3953 copy.jpgIMG_3955 copy.jpgIMG_3956 copy.jpgIMG_3958 copy.jpgIMG_3960 copy.jpgIMG_3961 copy.jpgIMG_3962 copy.jpgIMG_3965 copy.jpgIMG_3966 copy.jpgIMG_3967 copy.jpgIMG_3968 copy.jpgIMG_3970 copy.jpgIMG_3971 copy.jpgIMG_3972 copy.jpgIMG_3973 copy.jpgIMG_3974 copy.jpgIMG_3991 copy.jpgIMG_3992 copy.jpgIMG_3998 copy.jpgIMG_4008 copy.jpgIMG_4009 copy.jpgIMG_4011 copy.jpgIMG_4017 copy.jpgIMG_4018 copy.jpgIMG_4019 copy.jpg


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