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With the trends of props and particular poses I want to address the safety issues of doing these types of images. It is important to ALWAYS keep baby’s safety in mind when doing any type of portrait. Basket shots such as the one below there are a couple of key factors that are at play in the behind the scenes to keep the baby safe! First off I always use weights at the bottom of the basket to ensure the basket doesn’t tip over. Second of all I make sure that baby is comfortable and is protected from getting scratched from the material used of the basket. Third I always have a parent next to the basket as a spotter especially when baby is on it’s tummy, they are never farther than an arms length from the baby… and most of the time I will even have them place their hand on the baby while I’m not shooting. There are times I will also do composites of two or three images that I photoshop into one image in order to ensure the safety of the baby, such as in cases when the baby’s head is propped up, for a newborn is unable to support their head at this young of an age, so there is always someone holding the baby’s head to give support!

Babies are little blessings, a miracle of life… they are not props, but living little beings that depend on us parents and adults to protect and care for them. Please, keep this in mind and don’t try to replicate these trendy images on your own. Make sure you are using a professional photographer that puts baby’s safety first!

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