Little Boy Blue | Coon Rapids MN Newborn Photographer

We did this newborn session as a take two, being that this little guy wasn’t quite up for it the first time around. He endured quite a bit the first couple of weeks and it is always my first concern that baby is comfortable and well. So if needed I am willing to reschedule and hold off until baby is well enough.

For the little bit he actually slept, he gave me enough time to capture some adorable portraits. And as he woke between little naps he would peer at me with those captivating eyes!


littleboyblue01 littleboyblue02 littleboyblue03 littleboyblue04 littleboyblue05 littleboyblue06 littleboyblue7 littleboyblue08littleboyblue09
littleboyblue10 littleboyblue011


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