The Minnesota Project | April – Sherburne County

We this month I didn’t get out exploring as much as I was hoping to. It was an active month for the Northern Lights but the weather and clouds came in a ruined things quite often. Even though I didn’t get as many images as I had wanted, it’s always a fun experience going out Aurora Hunting. I usually go with a friend of mine and we always have such an adventure. One time we were able to bring our kids with since it was on the weekend. While we waited her boys enjoyed a little fishing and tree climbing.

I absolutely love exploring the Sherburne County area! There are so many beautiful, peaceful lakes and nature parks. Whether you explore it during the day or night you will love the scenery! One of my favorite parts about exploring at night is that’s when the animals come out, you can hear all sorts or critters… from great horned owls to coyotes and strange sounds splashing in the water. It can get a little creepy with all of the sounds at night especially when you can’t see what it is but it sounds close, but it is well worth the gorgeous light display if we are lucky enough to see it!

Be sure to circle through all of the other Minnesota adventures, next up on the blog circle is Erin VonRuden!




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