The Minnesota Project | July – Horsing Around, MN

My daughter started horseback riding lessons this summer and with that brought a few new adventures this month, for July’s blog circle. She has always loved horses and has asked to have lessons for at least a couple of years now. Since she wanted to take a break from soccer we decided to give horseback riding lessons a try. She absolutely loves it! I love that she learns everything that goes along with caring for a horse as well as how to saddle her own horse. She is learning a lot and what it takes to care for an animal, which is no easy task.

Last month we were invited to watch her instructor in a horse competition. It was fun seeing all of the horses, but I think my daughter enjoyed hanging out with her dear pony, Peggy Sue, the most! She also seemed impressed by how fast her instructor rode. I’m not sure if she will get into the competitions herself but she has mentioned she’s interested in jumping.

We also made our way out to Canterbury Park to watch the horse races. It was lots of fun, yet a very hot day! We didn’t actually bet but we would mark down our guesses between the two of us for a little friendly competition. They also had some fun animal races in between with ostriches, zebras and camels. It was quite comical and I think my daughter found that to be more entertaining than the horses. We will definitely be making our way back there again!

Thanks for taking the time to read and look through my blog. Be sure to circle through all of the other Minnesota adventures, next up on the blog circle is Jo Davis! If you have any suggestions of where I should go next please let me know, I love trying out new places!


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