The Minnesota Project | June – Little Falls, MN

School is out and it’s always exciting to kick off summer with going up to lake. We pass through Little Falls along the way and decided to stop by the Pine Grove Zoo and Park. It was just us girls and we had lots of fun walking through this beautiful little zoo. I think both of our favorite was the bear cubs, so cute! The howling wolf, the petting farm and the free range peacocks were all apart of our fun little adventure. It was quiet and felt as if we were walking through a park, such a pretty layout. Afterwards we went to the playground. My daughter was quite taken with this park, lots of old playground equipment. I think her favorite was the merry-go-round. I use to love going on them too, not sure I can handle it like I use to any more…I ended up very dizzy, very fast! I loved how tall the trees were, it made you feel very small. I think next time we will have to plan on bringing a picnic. I definitely recommend stopping by if you are every in or near Little Falls, MN.

Be sure to circle through all of the other Minnesota adventures, next up on the blog circle is Jo Davis! If you have any suggestions of where I should go next please let me know, I love trying out new places!


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