The Minnesota Project | March – MN Zoo


The kids were looking to get out of the house, especially my daughter and mentioned she wanted to go to the zoo. So that is exactly what we decided to do, as it has been a while since we’ve done so! We ended up going to the Minnesota Zoo being that my husband loves salt water fish and sharks. I have to admit I love watching the fish, very mesmerizing and relaxing! I love the bright colors and they are much more active than most of the other animals at the zoo. Although it was a little chilly we braved the cold and walked around including outside. I wish I would’ve known about when the baby farm animal exhibit that was happening in a week from when we went as I would have waited a weekend to go. Either way we enjoyed our time there, especially the aquarium. I think my favorite animal was the wolf, such an impressive size and those majestic eyes! What is your favorite animal? What is the next place I shall explore? I would love to hear your ideas!

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