Oliver H. Kelley Farm | Elk River MN Fine Art Photographer

Recently I meet up with some photography friends at the Oliver H. Kelley Farm in Elk River, if you haven’t been here I definitely recommend you plan a visit! It is an 1850 historic farm that you can interact with people dressed from this era, helping them with farm, animal and house chores. A great place to learn and have some family fun. I love history and animals, so I was totally in my realm! I’ve always dreamed of having a hobby farm some day… I guess for now I will just visit the Kelley Farm. Enjoy 🙂

KelleyFarm1 KelleyFarm02 KelleyFarm03 KelleyFarm04 KelleyFarm05 KelleyFarm06 KelleyFarm07 KelleyFarm08 KelleyFarm09 KelleyFarm10 KelleyFarm11 KelleyFarm12 KelleyFarm13 KelleyFarm14 KelleyFarm15 KelleyFarm16 KelleyFarm17 KelleyFarm21 KelleyFarm18 KelleyFarm19KelleyFarm20


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